Pillow *Pink*
Pillow *Pink*
Pillow *Pink*

Pillow *Pink*

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Specialized pillows for babies prevent and treat a flat baby's head (plagiocephaly) - they compensate for mild to moderate deformities.
Dedicated to children aged 0-12 months.
• Dimensions 26 x 21 x 2.5 cm (10.24 x 8.27 x 0.98 inch)
• Internally: highly elastic memory foam.
• Externally: Velvet material 100%
• Machine washable at 30 degrees (NOTE: washing the pillow at a higher temperature will cause irreversible deformation of the product).
• Requires complete drying (it must be as flexible as before soaking)
• Nice hem
• Available in several colors
• Interesting shape :)
• The innovative pillow has a multi-zone structure, ie highly elastic foam (comfortable and soft).
• The cushion provides a large contact area with the baby's head and a better distribution of the pressure point, which is the main and direct cause of positional distortions.
• Provides optimal sleeping conditions and maintains the correct lying position, the neck is supported by a pillow.
• Effectively protects the natural shape of the child's head, thanks to the profiling, the pressure of the base on the head is reduced to a minimum.
• It also functions in a stroller, where it performs an additional shock-absorbing function.
• It is durable and breathable.